Anna Pottier Studio

I've been observing the world from earliest days, cheek against sun-splashed floor, dissolving my molecules into whatever eyes and spirit saw.

Words came first, then photography with my Polaroid camera at age 7. Painting came later. Giving shape to thought, colour to emotion, can be done with words, paint, or whatever medium one chooses. Words and color seem to have chosen me.

I've been catching the light ever since. That's all I do. Catch whatever stops me in my tracks, frame it in words or colors, and throw it back. The reflected energy will, I hope, give pleasure and keep pulsing, long after my "me" becomes a distant memory.

As to my practice and what may appear to be an absence of serial pieces in series of series ...: the 'serial' aspect is there, albeit sublimated into a narrative which has much to do with my personal trajectory. I could also mention that from 2012 to the end of 2016, my studio was boxed and stored. There was zero space to paint and I was busy finishing my memoir. All this to say, a) I am self-taught and tend to eschew trends, b) the more I paint, the clearer my vision & intent becomes. Bear with me, and I'll do the same.

One of my all-time favorite quotes about "art" and "success" goes like this:

"It was not that the world owed him a debt and would eventually be compelled to pay it; but rather that the world would one day receive what he had it in him to give ..."
The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh, (Mark Roskill, editor, Touchstone, NY, 2008, p. 28)

Photo: "Spiral Jetty". Utah might have its share of iron-clad traditionalists, ergo, Art like this is all the more beautiful, necessary.

Désolée de ne pas avoir mon site traduit en d'autres langues. Soyez patients! Avec un peu de temps, j'y arriverai. Cependant, j'éspère que les images vous donnent du plaisir!