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Windowsill_First Home_Age 57
Windowsill_First Home_Age 57
Oil on canvas
14 x 12 inches

Working title was "Blue Bottle on Kitchen Window [New House}" Not wanting it to be confused with my " ____ Bottle on Window" series, this one is now more aptly titled "Kitchen_First Home_Age 57".

The personal element is unavoidable. I used to joke that I better not be 65 when hanging kitchen curtains in my first house. Finally having my name on a deed, age 57, meant a lot to me.

I loved seeing the benevolent sun refracting through this somewhat flawed glass. It filled me with riotously quiet joy. Still does each time I look at the reference.photo. As to the textured canvas: I bought it from my friend Teresa Bowyer, my talented friend and painter, when she was leaving Montreal for good.