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Green Bottle on Window
Green Bottle on Window
Oil on Masonite
9 x 12 inches

This one, if it turns out as perfectly as I see it in my head, will be a gift for a painter friend, Tariza Bowyer. I've been waiting a long time before thinking I could paint just one piece worthy of the friendship and her talent.

On a side note: this masonite is cut from a sheet purchased in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia in 1999. I'd gone home to visit, and knew that my father had been diagnosed with kidney cancer. Still, I hoped he'd be well enough so that I could ask him to cut a sheet of masonite into panels for me, wanting to involve him in my art.

Alas, he was in the hospital that August, and would die on October 1st of that same year.

Nevertheless, determined to get masonite panels, Mom, Alan, and me went to the local hardware store and had an associate do the cutting. I brought the panels back to Montreal. The idea was to keep track of all paintings made from that panel and one day -- probably not in my lifetime -- one day, contact all the owners of all the pieces, and have a show that would reconstitute the sheet.

It would be a visual record of my progress as a painter, as the panels were painted over a span of many years. We are 2019, and I still have quite a few small panels, plus several unfinished pieces.

Something to aim for, even if only after I'm gone.