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Teach Me to Dance. Will You?
Teach Me to Dance. Will You?
Oil on canvas
24 x 30 x .75 inches

Very far from what I have in mind as yet. Some of you will know the reference. It's the key scene in "Zorba the Greek". Here, the self-conscious Englishman (played by Alan Bates) finally finds the way to be vulnerable enough to ask Zorba (Anthony Quinn) to teach him how to dance.

I've always loved the film, and debated whether to remain faithful to the black and white film, or imbue it with the gentle, timeless colors of a Greek summer's afternoon.

Trying for the colors, which took my breath away on my first visit to Greece. Summer of 1981. We're talking back-pack, hitch-hiking, working as a chambermaid, etc. Those Greek waters, eucalyptus and pine scented air melding with ancient history, slew me. Just slew me.

Trying to do justice to the image and its meaning. Long ways from done, yet. Bear with me.