Prince of Fundy, Yarmouth Nova Scotia
Coming Into Port
Oil on canvas
22 x 22 inches

To my mind, kind of Chaplinesque the way this ferry was 20 degrees off center as it sailed into Yarmouth NS.

It was a ship named "The Scotia Prince", a motor vehicle ferry that plied the Bay of Fundy between Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and Portland, Maine. At some point, I came across a photo, very likely from the Yarmouth Vanguard's online edition.

Naturally, it made me nostalgic, yes, but it was that rakish angle that prompted me to attempt rendering it onto canvas.

Need to add the bridge deck, tower, bridge-deck extensions on either side )(or not - as they might not fit properly). Now, combing through my sketch books to see what colors I used so as to finish it ... eighteen years hence!